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December 12 - December 15
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    Dr. Kevin Leman live broadcast taping

    9:30 AM-12:30 PM
    Focus on the Family, Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, United States
    Focus on the Family, Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, United States
     Event date: December 12, 2017Time: Starts at 9:30 ends approximately 12:30 p.m.Location:Focus on the Family8655 Explorer Dr.Colorado Springs, CO 80920My Name and number:  Francine Martinez 719-266-7512 Details:Please join us for solid parenting advice and encouragement from Dr. Kevin Leman, who has entertained audiences worldwide with his wit and commonsense family psychology!  Focus on the Family is recording a radio interview with Dr. Leman before a live audience on Tuesday morning, December 12, from 9:30-11am. The first 20 people to arrive will receive a free copy of Dr. Leman’s book, “Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours.” Free pastries and coffee will also be provided.  Sign up today by calling 719-531-3400 ext. 1907 You are also invited to join us for a 2nd interview with Dr. Leman at 11am, on the topic of “How Birth Order Affects Your Parenting” — where we’ll examine how birth order affects who you are, who you marry, the good & bad ways you interact with your children, and how to better manage the dynamics of your family. More background:Dr. Kevin Leman wants to help moms and dads succeed as parents.  He will teach you: how to respond rather than react to your kids, the power of consistency versus perfection, why reality discipline works better than lectures or nagging, and how to be your child’s companion and not a doormat!  You will be able to apply these practical parenting tools to your family today!
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